Biographical Bit…

tom-portrait-6My name is Tom Griffiths and I’m the happy husband of one wife (Jo), a father to two sons, and a rather bemused spiritual ‘father’ to an increasingly large group of pilgrims that comprise City Praise Centre, just outside of London in an urban sprawl we call Gravesend.

A number of years ago, having become deeply dissatisfied with the ‘corporate’ approach of much modern religious thinking, we set out to rediscover the spiritual ‘roots’ that nourished the inner life of humanity long before Martin Luther nailed the 95 Thesis to the door of Wittenberg Castle and extend beyond the boundaries of East and West.  Here we found a rhythm of life and a way of being that is not only deeply satisfying, but may just be the only antidote to the fast-fix, over-caffeinated, consumer-driven, information-overload, rat-race culture that is causing Western civilisation to implode and us all to go slowly insane.

Our work in the last few years has been to communicate our discoveries and seek a way to weave this ancient rhythm of spirituality into modern life; to rediscover a place for the ancient disciplines of solitude, silence and contemplation and to fuse simplicity of life with radical service to our society, building communities of deep love, compassion and understanding.    In both teaching and in personal mentoring we seek to get this message out in any way possible.

On  a final note, can I just say that this blog is not ‘finished product’ but very much a dialogue of discovery.  Don’t just accept what I say because I say it, but try it out for yourself and see if it works.  Find a way to distill what you read into something that will work for you and add to the dialogue with your own internal discoveries.  The Kingdom of God is within you and all around you; don’t be afraid to explore and make it your own.

Go slowly, breathe deeply, love relentlessly…



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